Nescafe Gold Blend Decaf Vending Coffee 300g

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Product Description

NESCAFÉ® GOLD BLEND® Decaff Vending Pouch 300g

Discover our signature smooth, rich instant coffee. Coffee connoisseurs will appreciate the well-rounded taste and rich aroma in every cup. Our expertly crafted blend is great for all coffee drinking occasions, whenever you want to make special moments in the office or for your customers. So why not let them relax, enjoy the now and savour the distinctive taste of this premium blend. Made from 100% pure coffee beans, and decaffeinated with water.

Good To Know

  • Discover a premium coffee experience with NESCAFÉ GOLD BLEND
  • Contains mountain-grown Arabica beans ground 10 times finer
  • Savour the smooth, well-rounded taste of our recipe
  • Suitable for all types of vending machine
  • Also available in caffeinated vending pouch

This product is supplied as 10 x 300g. 300g pouch makes 166 9oz servings